Composite aluminium recycling services
Do you have aluminium panels that you want to dispose of?

Then contact Recyclapak Ltd in the West Midlands, for prompt and reliable recycling of composite aluminium materials.
We understand the importance of managing waste disposal, which is why we provide safe and effective solutions for waste collection and clearance.

Aluminium composite materials recycling

Aluminium composite materials (ACM) and panels (ACP) are widely used in many commercial enterprises because of the versatility of the material. However, disposal of ACM or ACP in the right way often poses problems to businesses. That is where we come in, at Recyclapak Ltd, we can take up your aluminium scrap in the form of redundant signage, loose panels, or pallets.

We offer reliable and cost-effective recycling solutions that can save you both time and effort.
Contact us today to discuss your businesses’ recycling needs.

We can help with:

  • Recycling cut letters
  • Signage
  • ACP in display and sale items
  • Street names and road signs
  • Sheet ACP
  • Crates
  • Pallets
  • Pipes and machinery parts
  • Non fire retardant ACM/ACP

You can also rely on us for plastic and polystyrene recycling.

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